A Weird Eisbock and an Offbeat Imperial Stout

by Philip R. Whigham


So this is the start of something new. I have a passion for several things. Three things I love dearly are Music, Beer, and Comic Books. I intend for this to be a log of these things I love. I’m gonna tweak the format as I go, so please be patient and kind, dear readers.

AlbumFoxygen- We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic- So far, loving it. Full Review later.

Beer– Two for one! First: Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes’s Procrastinator-  Style: Eisbock- This was a strange one! It comes from Saignelégier, Switzerland, and I purchased my 12 oz. bottle at Knightly Spirits in Orlando, Florida. It’s 9.99% A.B.V. (Alcohol By Volume, or about 20 Proof).

It pours a dark, almost black, amber color with little to no carbonation, and only the slightest hint of lacing- that’s the term for the foamy remainders on the top of your beer once the head has has subsided. The nose (smell of the beer) has lots of dark fruit; black cherry, dates, and plum shine through with a healthy dose of oak. The mouth feel is viscous and creamy with almost no carbonation. The taste delivers on all of the nose’s promise with a surprisingly sour vinegar twist. The vinegar doesn’t take away from the taste, but rather makes it like a nice, warming brandy. Drink this one slowly!

Second: Sierra Nevada’s Narwhal- Style: Imperial Stout- An oddball stout from a venerable craft brewer from Chico, CA. I purchased a four pack from Knightly Spirits in Orlando, Florida. It’s 10.20% A.B.V.

This one pours almost black to a mocha colored one-finger (literally the width of about your finger) head which settles to a nice and thick lacing. A solid nose of chocolate and coffee (the hallmark of any good stout, in my opinion). The body is fairly heavy with light carbonation. The taste indeed is of cocoa and coffee with a hoppy bitterness and a strange surprise: vodka! This is a mighty beer! Split this four-pack with your friends- or don’t!

Comics- Image Comics Prophet relaunch. Wow! So many feelings on this! SOON!

UPDATE!- Per a friend’s suggestion- Musical Pairings for the beers reviewed: Procrastinator- Wendy Carlos’ Soundtrack to A Clockwork Orange; Narwhal- Baroness’ Yellow & Green. Thanks Dave!