Album Review: Foxygen- We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic

by Philip R. Whigham


Foxygen makes me miss a 1960’s neither I nor they ever knew. Sam France and Jonathan Rado have created a wild genre bending musical tour of the ’60’s and I can’t get enough of it. It seems like they channel the vibe of Psychedelia through a post-punk sensibility that sounds like the Kinks dropping acid. The vocals can range from Jim Morrison howling to Lou Reed crooning and every permutation in between.

The instrumentation is tight and cohesive, but the production by Richard Swift gives a sweet roughness to the whole thing. You can hear hints of Help era Beatles and Abbey Road era Beatles sometimes in the same song. Memphis Soul and wailing organs will collide with Velvet Underground dreamscapes.

You would think none of this would work, but instead of being a pastiche of clashing styles, this album pulls it off with very little effort.

Tracks not to miss: The lazy, sweet and beautiful San Francisco and the lush and sorrowful Oh No.

The ABCs

Album- Foxygen- We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic: It’s a love letter to a vanished era. I streamed this album using Spotify.

Beer- Cigar City’s Batch 69 Cream Ale- Mellow, sweet and rich- this honey of a beer would compliment Foxygen’s psychedelic groove.

Comic- Without a doubt Peter Milligan and Chris Bachalos’s version of DC’s Shade the Changing Man makes a sufficiently trippy companion to this album.