Terrapin’s Taste of the Far East

by Philip R. Whigham


I wasn’t sure what to expect from Samurai Krunkles , but I was delighted by this ale brewed with ginger and green tea. This unusual IPA (India Pale Ale) is brewed by the mad geniuses at Terrapin brewery in Athens, GA. I bought my 750 ml bottle from Knightly Spirits in Orlando Florida. It’s 7.1% A.B.V.

Krunkles pours the color of honey with a frothy, off-white head which dissipates to a thin lacing. I was expecting the nose on this one to blow me away with floral aromas, but it was surprisingly subtle. I picked up  floral hops and light citrus notes. There was very little carbonation in the medium body which made for a nice mouth feel. This ale explodes once it hits your tongue. Jasmine, ginger, honey, grapefruit, green tea, and floral hops sing, then subside to a light aftertaste of mostly tea.

The ABCs

Album- Samurai Champloo OST- While drinking Samurai Krunkles, I suggest nodding your head to the east-meets-west hip hop inspired soundtrack to Manglobe’s critically acclaimed anime.

Beer- Terrapin’s Samurai Krunkles IPA- Sadly, Terrapin only brewed this once, so when it’s gone, it’s gone. I hope they decide to make this delightful IPA again someday and maybe sell it in six packs. I loved this beer.

Comics- Usagi Yo Jimbo- To bring it all together, read Stan Sakai’s anthropomorphic opus. This cartoonish book is about Usagi, a rabbit samurai, and his travels across medieval Japan. He fights cat ninjas, befriends a rhino ronin, and always walks the honorable path. This comic is funny, touching, sad, beautiful and amazing.

Special thanks to my fiancee who painted the adorable teddy bear painting in the background. You can find her and her bears on her crafty blog Oh Sew Geeky.